Lexar Law Office

offers legal counselling

and court representation.

About us

Lexar Law Office has effectively contributed to our clients’ success for almost ten years. Foundation-stones of our business are proficiency, commitment and efficacy.

The main sphere of our activities is civil law, but our co-operative network includes the best specialists in every aspects of law – therefore we can cross bridges between legal specialties.

Fields of our activity:

  • right of obligation and contract law, incl. contracts of sale, loan, lease etc;
  • immovable property issues, incl. consultation and administration concerning alienation and encumbrance transactions, common ownership disputes etc;
  • construction issues, incl. organising construction procurements, drafting contracts for construction services, handling violation and damage problems, settling disputes etc;
  • family law, incl. support (alimony), right of acces to child, marital property issues and disputes etc;
  • employment law, incl. employment contracts, internal regulations, representation in labour dispute resolution bodies, occupational safety etc;
  • representation in execution proceeding to guarantee effectiveness and legitimateness of procedure and protection of client’s interests etc;
  • bankrupcy issues, incl. representation and counselling, instituting and responding proceedings etc;
  • apartment ownership and association issues;
  • data protection (GDPR), incl. audit, consulting, drafting and applying prescripting documents etc;
  • representation of victims in criminal proceedings, handling claims;
  • court representation in all above-mentioned spheres.



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Address: Jõe 3 Tallinn 10151